Quote van de Dag: Tom McRae

Normaal is een quote van de dag twee regels, maar omdat Tom McRae aanstaande vrijdag in Lux speelt, en hij zojuist een geweldig stukje op zijn site heeft geplaatst, citeer ik hem toch maar helemaal:

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In light of the Radiohead announcement, Tom has decided that in future, entry to all his shows will now be free. Yep, that’s right, totally…and utterly… FREE! Those entering the venue will, however, be charged to leave. The charge is voluntary (almost), but it will be a minimum of 45 whatevers of your local currency to cover the venue’s insurance policy. “We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt trying to leave, but we can’t guarantee we can provide that service for free”… said a big man, with a broken nose and a baseball bat, who has been employed as commercial director of McRae Inc. for almost ten minutes now. As well as free entry to gigs, Tom will no longer record new music, but will instead play a brand new set of songs every night. Anyone wishing to hear any of the 365 (and an EP) live albums Tom is currently working on, will have to come to a show and hope they have a recording device…. or just a good memory. As well as all this, Tom will be passing round a bucket and giving any remaining cash to hard up bands such as Radiohead, for whom getting the guitar-shaped pool cleaned twice a day is no longer an option. “it’s sad when such a great band falls on hard times”, said Tom, as he served up watery gruel to an even thinner and apparently more angry Thom Yorke, at a soup kitchen this morning. “I’m one of the lucky ones”, Tom added, I have my health, and as I have both kidneys I will consider selling one to be able to afford the new Radiohead Boxed Set. It seems the decent thing to do. I urge you all to do the same”…. he added.

In earlier news, British singer-songwriter, Tim McRea, 42, from Upminster, Poland, was overcome with such a virulent attack of sarcasm that he swallowed his own tongue and suffocated. His best known song, End of The News of The World, was a minor hit in 12 countries, none of them real. His 1997 tour of Ruritania has gone down in history as the most debauched tour never to have actually taken place. When asked for comment on her son’s tragic death, his Mother said…. “I have a son?”

Actually, all silliness aside, I think Radiohead have started the debate over what music and/or an artist is worth. For ages now we’ve all seen movie trailers at the cinema and thought, nah, I’ll wait til the dvd, or we’ve got music for free from bands who don’t need our money, but instead invested in up and coming or lesser known artists, for whom racking up a sale means more. We’ve been making those equations consciously or unconsciously for ages. I do worry about who will be able to tour, and who will have to stay home, but maybe fewer bands romping around the world (me included) will be better for slowing global warming. Who knows what’ll happen, but I will say this… it’s an adventure. Change is the natural state of things, and we all have a part to play in this one, more so than ever. And goddammit, if Madonna’s going to keep touring, I’ll have to – just to karmically balance out the universe. Personally, I find it all rather stimulating and invigorating. Now all I have to do is raise 45p for my new ‘Head album. Anyone got any spare change?

Het optreden a.s. vrijdag in Lux te Nijmegen is overigens uitverkocht.

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